How does it work?

Selecting the right smart automation system for your home among so many can be very difficult. Whether you are purchasing a smart TV, security system or automating your lights and thermostat, one question remains: "How do I know where to spend my money to get the most out of my budget?". To answer this question, ARSO Automations dedicates time to study your home and consult you with the most efficient system for your particular life style.

At ARSO we do not have any sales agents. We believe that if we truly educate our customers about their options, we can create a win-win situation. Instead, we have "Technical Advisors". These people are highly trained professionals that can answer all your technical questions and explore all the possibilities that can make your family's life easier. We think the fact that our technical advisors have nothing to do with sales policies, will deliver pure and honest information to our clients. 



Start Small
When entering a new world, most people don't want to take a sudden plunge. They prefer smaller steps to make sure budgets and thoughts are spent in the right direction. For this considerative group of our customers we offer the "Start Small" package. In this package, we start automating one room and let you experience the comfort and luxury of our smart systems with low budgets.

The focal point of any home is the family room. It's the place where families spend most of their time relaxing and enjoying being together. Our focus is to eliminate the distractions and enhance the experience of the homeowner by converting this room into a smart room. Traditional home theatre setups require the hassle of dealing with several remote controls (tv, receiver, blu ray, etc) to do simple tasks such as watching a movie. ARSO Automations removes the clutter and inconveniences of the traditional set ups by harmonizing the devices and programming them into one easy-to-use controller.

Additionally, Lights can be incorporated with the control system and be remotely controlled as well as become more flexible by dimming to the right levels depending the mood.

We take care of all ins and outs of widespread electronic equipment, ARSO Automations do not require latest and greatest electronic equipment to simplify your life, but instead we maximize the features of common devices that you already own.

In this package, you can also benefit from our audio/video setup and calibrations. From purchasing, installation and professional calibration of your television(s), satellite box, apple tv, audio receiver and speakers ARSO does it all.


Expand Big

Entering the next stage in the evolution of your home, we begin by offering multi room audio that allows you to enjoy your favorite songs throughout the house or let each member of the family to listen to their music in each room. Integrating this with multi room lighting control also allows you to achieve the appropriate settings (party, morning wake up, etc) with touch of a button. Further, you will know the state of each light from the comfort of your bed and save on your energy bill by scheduling your lights to turn off after a certain part of night.

Saving Energy doesn't end there, controlling your heating and air conditioning through our control system, you not only monitor and control your heating from the anywhere outside you home, but have it adjust depending the time of day to allow for maximum saving without feeling any different when your home. Smart thermostats also learn your living behavior and will adjust temperature depending on conditions of your home and presence of residents. Energy saving has never been so convenient.

Conventional security features (motion sensors, away/stay arming, etc) can be used to further increase security measures such as locking your doors, recording camera footage and turning on the lights based on your very customized smart home.


"Live" Your Life

Our ultimate smart home solution makes your dream come true. This package turns your house into an intelligent agent that is constantly observing homeowners and learning their behaviors and adjust itself. When Mr.X comes home, sensors in garage will detect his presence and the show begins. Security is dissarmed for his entrance, hallway lights are on, his favorite music turns on. If he goes to TV room, his favorite channel will come on television automatically. If he goes to the library, lights, music, thermostat and other features will be adjusted accordingly.

Advanced technologies such as voice and facial recognition, RFID tags will also be included to adjust the features of the house depending on the person and adapt to their location using motion sensors as well as using simple gestures to interact with your electronic equipment.


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