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What is a smart home? 

Your house is where you go to relax after a hard day at work and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. The goal of home automation is to help you sit back and have a good time while the brain of your house does all the work.

An automated home has several aspects that consists of audio, video, climate, lighting, security and more. Wake up to your favorite radio station or stream music to any room you're in and set up the right mood with lighting scenes that can be triggered with a single press.

Rather that learning multiple remotes for your Apple TV, Blu Ray, Receiver and TV in your home theatre, Use a single remote with an easy to use interface for all your devices and control the lights to while you at it.

Save energy by conveniently monitoring the temperature from your smartphone and adjusting it from the comfort of your bed or on the way back from work. Scheduling your lights to turn on at sunset and automatically turn off at night is not only extremely convenient but also saves on your electricity bill.

Have peace of mind knowing that your alarm and cameras can be accessed from your phone or computer from anywhere in the word. In addition, smart homes prevent the owners massive repair bills by notifying them about leaks, smoke alarms and security faults in a matter of seconds.

If you are hesitant to commit to having a fully automated system, know that you don't need you to turn your house into a construction zone. ARSO uses systems that replace conventional methods that are already in place in every home and work just like regular light switches, thermostats and remotes. Further, they are easily expandable so you can start with a simple single room home theater and lighting solution and expand to a fully automated house when your are ready.


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